FCA to reveal self-driving, electric concept vehicle at CES

Kari ReynoldsJan 04, 2017

However, that doesn't seem to have dissuaded Chrysler from packing in as much technology into the Portal Concept as it could. The most distinctive feature is the double sliding doors that open up in opposite directions with glass lower portions and LED accents.

Inside, Chrysler has outfitted the concept with seats running on rails that allow them to be easily removed or folded completely flat.

Ralph Gilles, Fiat Chrysler's head of design, said the Portal was designed from the inside out, with designers aiming to create a "third space" for the commute between home and work.

Like all marketing today, according to Chrysler, the Portal is aimed at millennials who are beginning to start families, but still want the latest technology and for the auto to be upgradeable after the point of sale.

A front-wheel-drive electric vehicle, the Chrysler Portal Concept uses a 100 kWh battery that should be able to net 250 miles of range on a single charge. An interesting gimmick is the facial recognition feature - so the Portal can configure the driver and passenger's preferred settings, also with the help of a voice biometrics system.

If the vehicle determines the driver is not monitoring the road or driving conditions change, it alerts the driver to retake manual control.

The company says the Portal is engineered to upgrade to higher levels of autonomy as technology progresses, and if the owner is interested in adding it. It is constantly "talking" with its surroundings through the array of sensors and internet connectivity - a main focus for designers.

On the inside, the Portal's modular interior can offer seating for up to six people, but also ten docking stations for phones and tablets - because nobody carries just one mobile device anymore.

The Chrysler Portal is merely a concept, and it's not expected to receive the green light for production any time soon.

Chrysler worked with Samsung and Panasonic for the in-car electronics.

FCA will hold a press conference at CES in Las Vegas, Tuesday at 1 p.m.

The automaker, credited with the invention of the minivan in the early 1980s, also said the Chrysler Portal is aimed at making sure FCA remains an innovator when it comes to vehicles designed for families.

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