Hearts, intestines ripped out in Brazil prison massacre

Alicia WestJan 07, 2017

Details were murky about the latest uprising that took place early on Friday in Roraima state's largest penitentiary.

Friday's killings come just days after 60 inmates were killed in the northern Brazilian city of Manaus during a 17-hour jail riot that ended Monday. Recent austerity measures have further undercut prison authorities' efforts.

The latest unrest comes a day after President Michel Temer said the federal government would spend US$250 million to build at least one new prison in each of Brazil's 26 states.

It is allied with a local gang called the Family of the North, which authorities say was responsible for the riot in Manaus.

The 15 officers on duty were unable to stop the violence, which was only quelled after the intervention of the Special Operations Battalion (Bope) and Brazilian military police.

Nearly 100 inmates lost their lives in the first week of January alone - brutally murdered, the guards apparently unable to stop the bloodshed.

A group of prisoners, now back in their cells, reportedly escaped at 2.30am before slaughtering inmates in an apparent fight between supporters of opposing militant factions.

But Brazil's prisons are often scenes of deadly unrest.

The prison holds inmates from the Red Command, a powerful drug gang based in Rio de Janeiro.

At least 93 prisoners have been killed in three separate prison riots this week in Brazil, sparking fears that months of violence between drug gangs who control numerous country's prisons was spiraling out of control.

The local secretary of justice, Uziel Castro, told the BBC he blamed the violence on the Sao Paulo-based Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) in English, First Capital Command, drug gang which are believed to be the largest gang in Brazil.

Brazil's prisons need 50 percent more capacity to handle the current number of inmates, the country's justice ministry have revealed in a report.

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