Mexico Will Pay for the 'Great Wall' - Eventually

Alicia WestJan 07, 2017

The plan, they say, is for Mexico to reimburse the States later (a plan to which Mexico has not agreed).

Mr Trump's now infamous pledge to build a wall on the southern border was repeatedly accompanied by the promise that Mexico would foot the bill, however, under this plan it would be American taxpayers, at least temporarily, that would pay.

Despite the confusion over who will pay for the wall, many people are still horrified by the prospect of this structure being built at all.

Trump tweeted twice about his wall payment plan, deleting one message likely because it contained typos. According to the Washington Post, Republican lawmakers believe that The Secure Fence Act of 2006 already gives the president the authority to construct a border wall.

TRUMP: And Mexico will pay for the wall.

Other fence contractors are private: Cerrudo Services, Hal Hays, Kiewit, RMA Construction and Weston, among others.

No decisions have been made, GOP sources said.

Steel could be acquired by companies like U.S. Steel (X), Nucor (NUE) and Steel Dynamics (STLD), and concrete and cement from firms like Oldcastle Inc. or France's Lafarge LFRGY. Trump will end up taking credit for that and including it as part of his wall because, well, he's Trump. "A Fox News Latino report calculated that 97% of remittance payments received by Mexico in the first three months of 2015 came from the USA, and the Pew Research Center similarly reported that "nearly all" of Mexico's remittance payment revenue comes from the U.S".

Politico reports that President-elect Donald Trump and Republicans in the House of Representatives are now trying to use a 2006 law called the Secure Fence Act, that then-President George W. Bush signed but never implemented, to push the plans through.

Former Mexico President Vicetne Fox, a frequent critic of Trump, has taken on a more strident tone. If the country refused, according to the strategy, Trump would seize remittances sent by undocumented Mexican workers to their families and loved ones back home.

Trump claimed he needed to use congressionally appropriated funds to build "the Great Wall for [the] sake of speed".

Should the spending bill not go through, the U.S. would face a government shutdown.

"Obviously, we respect federalism, and if Congress is trying to find different ways to fund this project that is a top priority of President (-elect) Trump, then they should do that", she added.

Interesting bit in this AP story about the wall: Do border hawks maybe want Congress to have to vote on the wall?

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