Zuckerberg to testify in $2-B lawsuit involving Oculus

Kari ReynoldsJan 18, 2017

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is expected to testify in a Dallas courtroom on Tuesday in a $2 billion lawsuit that claims the social media giant purchased Oculus even though it knew the virtual reality headset maker allegedly used stolen technology. ZeniMax is accusing Oculus VR of "misappropriating ZeniMax trade secrets relating to virtual reality technology", which prompted the accused to issue a brisk statement last Wednesday. They also pointed out that ZeniMax is claiming "trade secrets" that were "fruits of Mr. Carmack's participation and involvement with Palmer Luckey and Oculus".

Zenimax also alleged that evidence supporting its claims was destroyed.

Zuckerberg denied those charges on Tuesday, saying that Facebook was "highly confident" that Oculus products were based on original technology.

AR devices, such as Microsoft's HoloLens and the work being done by secretive Florida company Magic Leap, allow users to see the real world while it is overlaid with interactive holograms. According to Oculus, the company is eager to present its case in court and it is disappointed that another company is attempting to take credit for VR technology by using litigation.

The fight between ZeniMax and Oculus is about to get bloody. ZeniMax also claims Carmack violated his employee agreement and confidentiality clauses with the company.

Carmack admitted to taking thousands of documents and lines of code with him to Oculus when he left ZeniMax, according to court documents.

"It has been more than two and a half years since a href=http://www.gamereactor.eu/news/121034/Zenimax+files+against+Carmack+over+VR/" Zenimax filed lawsuits against Oculus and John Carmack over the Oculus Rift /a , and now the trail has started.

Facebook's defence is that Oculus was forced to seek another investor when ZeniMax chose not to invest in VR technology, and that ZeniMax showed interest in VR only after Facebook's acquisition of Oculus was made public.

ZeniMax attorneys pointed in particular to a text conversation between Zuckerberg and Facebook corporate development Amin Zoufonoun that suggest Zuckerberg encouraged his deputy to push the deal through despite questions about Oculus's truthfulness.

Facebook alleges that ZenimMax only filed the lawsuit because it passed over an opportunity to invest in Oculus before Facebook did for $2bn and an additional $800m in employee retention payouts.

Carmack, a creator of blockbuster video games Doom and Quake, worked for ZeniMax before he joined Oculus.

The trial, into its fifth day, is expected to last around three weeks.

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