LG Takes Aim At Samsung With New 'Quantum Dot-Beating' TV Technology

Darnell ReidJan 04, 2017

As we wait to see what the big new trend in TV is, LG are putting their stake in the ground and betting on Nano Cell technology and Active HDR.

The new lineup features Nano Cell LCD technology which, according to LG uses " uniformly-sized particles approximately one nanometer in diameter to create more subtle, accurate colors that can be viewed from wider angles than other LCD TVs". At CES in Las Vegas, LG unveiled its new lineups of Super UHD TVs - SJ9500, SJ8500 and SJ8000 - all of which feature the company's Nano Cell technology. They also absorb surplus light wavelengths, the company added, which enhances the purity of the colors displayed on the screen.

In fact, LG's announcement says that there's "virtually no color difference" for viewers sitting at 60-degree angle from the TV, which is impressive if such a claim holds up under further scrutiny.

Also intriguing is a new Active HDR system, which appears to draw on Dolby Vision by enabling the TVs to process HDR content and boost brightness and shadow detail by processing the picture frame by frame and inserting dynamic data where needed.

To build on the groundbreaking color technologies of LG's Nano Cell SUPER UHD TVs, LG has partnered with Technicolor, Hollywood's expert in image and color to offer TV image that accurately recreate the artistic intentions of content creators. Whether attached on top of a TV stand, included as part of an entertainment center, or mounted on the wall, the beautifully designed LG SUPER UHD TV will enhance the visual appeal of any home.

All three models will go on show this week at CES 2017 and we'll be there to go eyes on. This prevents unwanted color bleeding and also prevents fading and other effects which tend to reduce the vibrancy of the photo. LG said the sets will also be ready to suppor Technicolor's HDR system proposal, should that be selected for the next ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard in the United States. The new HDR effect feature also raises the image quality for SDR content. The SJ9500 is one of the thinnest LCDs out there, measuring just 6.9mm thick at its thinnest point - although that's a common trick for TV manufacturers, who concentrate all the image-processing hardware into a thicker area at the centre of the panel. But it's certainly an interesting move by both LG and Technicolor.

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